Dojo Events

2014 Events

January 2014 at Barclays Radbrook Hall

Our first event of 2014 was in January we had it at the venue of the Barclays Technology Centre. Lots of people came here. here is the photo. You have to bring your own laptop.

March 2014 was at a Hotel

In March we had pi experts in the venue we all had fun. We also used our laptops for scratch and html.

We all enjoy coder dojo so why not look at there fabulous home page it even locates the nearest dojo to you. to visit our fabulous website type into the internet coder dojo

We all enjoy our self so (if you like computers) pack up your laptop and charger, find your nearest dojo and your coding pg>

coding at home you can take your projects home from coder dojo and work on them lots of people start coding young an here is your opportunity>

April dojo at Barclays again

April dojo was at Barclays again it was full of people.

A few of the people had been to coder dojo before,

But lots were new people too.

the raspberry pi is back for the second time.